Range of Products


Dano Chocolate Flavoured milk is formulated with goodness so you can savour a chocolatey taste, even as you enjoy your milk.


The Dano Strawberry Flavoured Milk is formulated to give your taste buds that delicious strawberry taste, as you relish the creamy milk.

Cool cow

It dissolves well in either hot or cold water and is great for adults and children who need the energy, excitement and nourishment that comes with a yummy cup any time of the day.

UHT full cream milk

It is a rich tasting, creamy and high-quality milk that contains approximately 3.5 fat. It offers the complete goodness of cow’s milk.

UHT semi-skimmed milk

It is highly nourishing and contains about 1.5 animal fat. It is good for those who desire the goodness of milk with very little fat content.

UHT skimmed milk

It contains about 0.3 fat. It’s ideal for those who may be trying to avoid consumption of fat without losing out on the nutritious goodness of milk.

Instant filled powdered milk

It is a highly nutritious milk powder that contains high quality vegetable oil and essential nutrients such as vitamin A, Vitamin D3 and calcium.

Skimmed milk powder

It is an excellent choice of milk powder with 0.1 fat. It is specially formulated for consumers who want to maximize the benefits of milk but minimize the intake of fats.

Full cream milk powder

It is rich in all nutrients found in cow’s milk. It contains all the goodness of natural milk and packed with essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, vitamin D, phosphorous, potassium and vitamin A and B.