Our famers produce Naturally Nutritious Milk

Our philosophy of producing natural, healthy and high quality dairy products dates back to the 1880s when the first dairies in Denmark and Sweden were founded. In 2000, the Danish MD Foods and the Swedish Arla ekonomisk Förening decided to join forces and the merger was named Arla Foods. Today, the cooperative is owned by over 13,500 farmers across 7 countries in Europe and the cooperative philosophy remains a strong factor in the company and brand.

Arla is owned by farmers who are passionate about producing high quality 
milk in a responsible and sustainable way to support a stronger planet and enable stronger people. Milk from our farmers is naturally nutritious and we transform it into hundreds of dairy products for your nourishment and to help you enjoy a healthier life. You can be sure that which ever Arla product you choose is packed with the natural nutritious qualities of our Milk. Our footprint footprints today, extends beyond Europe to Middle East, Latin America and Africa. In Ghana, our product categories cuts across Milk (powdered, liquid, plain and flavoured), Butter and Cheese.


Looking after the milk all the way
This is how your milk gets to you


Cow Tags

Each cow has her own number on a yellow ear tag, so we can follow her milk production


We make checks

Before any cow is milked, we check if she is healthy. After mmilking we test the milk


Farm Registers

All our farms are on a register, so we can track how much milk they have produced each day, and where it is going



We take the milk from the farm to the dairy in our Arla tanker lorries



We transform the milk to dozens of tasty products at our Arla diaries



We work with key partners to transport our products to your local supermarket



Our products are kept safe in well designed and suitable packaging



There you go. A glass of fresh Arla Milk – from cow to you

At Arla, we take particular care in handling our products to ensure we provide the natural goodness of our cows’ milk to you and your family.

Being farmer-owned also means that the welfare of our animals is key and
we are committed to high-quality standards in caring
for them to ensure they produce high-quality
products for our Ghanaian consumers.


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Tell us a bit about yourself