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A long time ago, somewhere in the 1880s, some dairy farmers in Denmark and Sweden saw the future, they realized that to expand their businesses they needed to join forces. They had one goal: To produce and provide the best dairy products.

Over time more and more farmers bought into this vision and Arla Foods was born. Today, the cooperative is owned by over 13,500 farmers across 7 countries in Europe and headquartered in Viby, in Denmark.

Being the 4th largest dairy company across the globe, we at Arla operate our business in a responsible and sustainable manner to safeguard our company’s reputation while caring for our consumers all over the world. Today our footprints extend beyond Europe, to the Middle East, Latin America and Africa including Ghana.

Because we are farmer-owned, we own the whole value chain – from the grass to your glass. In Ghana, our product categories cuts across Milk (powdered, liquid, plain and flavored), Butter and Cheese.

At Arla, we take particular care in handling our products to ensure we provide the natural goodness of our cows’ milk to you and your family.

Being farmer-owned also means that the welfare of our animals is key and we are committed to high-quality standards in caring for them to ensure they produce high-quality products for our Ghanaian consumers.